Thank You for the Prayers!


Thank You for the Prayers!

spring-flowers-110671_640I am happy to report a huge improvement in Mom!!!

God is SO good!

The medication is working and she is getting some visible relief! She is talking to me and back to her old self! She is eating for me and making little decisions here and there. Her pain is down to a tolerable level.

Thank you so much for backing us both, encouraging me, and caring. I felt so supported from you all during this trial!

The tears has stopped flowing and I feel ready now to take my vacation! I leave in 10 days!

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Lillie Fuller

So happy for this good report!!!


Great news, LH! So happy for you and your mom!


Thank goodness, LH!! I'm so glad to read this update. \r\n\r\nAnd, hurray for the vacation countdown!!\r\n\r\nSo glad you could join our chat on Thursday. Always good to catch up. :)


Huzzah Huzzah, LH! No better words could be said on this day. So happy for your good news, May it continue for you both, You never gave up and it paid off.