Thank You So Much! I Sent $500 to Amy


Thank You So Much! I Sent $500 to Amy

Amy and her parents in 2010. Amy and her parents in 2010.

Thank you all so much for generosity! Your donations ($500) are on their way to Amy.

Because of your kindness, Amy will be able to repair her van, which she needs to transport her parents and her sister to their doctors appointments, and buy meds. "Thank you so much for everything. This means so much," Amy wrote in a message she sent me last night.

We've now been able to help family caregivers 24 times through our CareGifters program. (We've helped a few family caregivers more than once.) Through CareGifters, we send $500 to a family caregiver in need as often as we can.

We helped Lisa pay the costs of her father's funeral. We allowed Hussy some time to take off from work so she could be with her husband during his last days. Chet pay his hotel bill so he could stay close to his hospitalized wife. After receiving our funds, Larry could move into an apartment that better accommodated his mom’s care needs. Allison, who cares for her husband as they raise their 7-year-old son, bought tires for her car and caught up on bills. With our help, Kristin bought food and shoes and Janet paid for home care so her husband received the care he needed as she recovered from surgery.

BreeAnna used the $500 to build a ramp so her mom has easy access into the house. We helped Teri take a trip with her terminally-ill husband to see their son. With the $500, L’Tanya hired a closet organizer so her mom could enjoy a clutter-free environment. And, Gwyn used the $500 to hire help to care for her mom while she worked.

Casandra used the money to offset the costs of medications, LookingHeavenward purchased much-needed supplies for her mom and Jackie added a ramp to her house so she could get her terminally-ill mom out of the house for special outings. With $500, Amy was able to find a new place to live, Tamara had the down payment she needed for a reliable car and Richard got caught up on bills that piled up as he took time off work to care for his wife.

Would you help us continue to help those who care? We are a tiny non-profit with a big heart; we send all our money raised, minus our PayPal service fees, to needy family caregivers.

Your tax-deductible donation ensures family caregivers in need have help. Donate below. And, no donation is too small (really!!)!

Thank you so much for your generosity!

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That is truly wonderful, Denise! Our members are so generous and kind.


WOW! I am a new member here. What a wonderful group to support each other emotionally and financially. Love, love love this!