We Sent $500 to Allison!


We Sent $500 to Allison!

Allison and Christopher at their son's seventh birthday party.

Through our CareGifters program, we fund caregiving solutions, one family caregiver at a time, as often as we can.

This month, we helped Allison (@aobrien907) who cares for her husband, Christopher, as they raise their 7-year-old son, Tarl. I just sent Allison $500 to help.

Christopher suffers from a rare genetic disorder which causes degenerative brain damage. He had a stroke almost eight years ago when Allison was two months pregnant with Tarl, which led to the discovery of this disorder. He is partially paralyzed on the right side of his body and has neurogenic bowel disorder, urinary incontinence, severe chronic pain, dementia, and encephalopathy. Allison is currently a full-time online student at SUNY Empire State college pursuing a degree in Human Resource Management.

With the money we raised to help, Alison can catch up on a few bills that I have fallen behind on, purchase new tires that our car desperately needs, buy a new printer for her computer for her school work, and help buy an air conditioner.

Allison is the 17th family caregiver we've been able to help through our CareGifters program.

Thanks so much to all of you for helping!

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Allison O'Brien

I am so overwhelmed with gratitude! Thank you so much Denise for selecting me for your caregifters program! Thank you also to everyone who helped contribute to the funds that were sent to my family! Your kindness and generosity is appreciated more than words could possibly express! Christopher was in tears when I woke him up to share the news with him! He wanted me to express how thankful he is to everyone that was involved with raising this money!