Thankful for Another Mother's Day with Mom

The past few years Mom's health has been declining and last year after seeing Mom in such bad shape, I wondered if she would make it to another Mother's Day. I never was close to Mom growing up but over the years with her illnesses we formed a bond that is inseparable.

Today is Mother's Day and I wanted to take Mom out from the rehab but she wasn't ready to be among crowds. It's rather depressing sitting in the rehab for hours as I struggle to find things to do and say. I made sure that Mom would be dressed and I also told her I needed to see her walk. Her physical therapist said she is walking very well but every time I went to the rehab she is either lying in bed or sitting in the wheelchair.  Mom gave me a hard time over the phone about walking and said she didn't feel like doing much but I said that wasn't going to happen. I told her if she is going to come home at some point that she needed to start being more mobile and walk.

My gift from Mom today was watching her walk with the help of her walker and quite well, I may add. She looked absolutely beautiful and showed off the "Mom" necklace and diamond heart ring my boyfriend and I bought for her.

The best gift I received today was seeing Mom as her old self for a little while. I don't know what tomorrow will bring but for today I am happy.

I am very thankful that I had another Mother's Day with my Mom and hope to have many more to come!

I hope all the Moms out there are having a wonderful Mother's Day!

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