Thankful for Friday!


Thankful for Friday!

wool-271521_640Today ends a very complicated and hopefully productive week. It started out with the holiday from work for MLK Day since Awesome Hubby and I get those school-type holidays. Over the weekend, our house that is rented out while we live with Grandma Elly developed a serious situation with a water main leak in the backyard near the foundation. Monday was the day to attack the dirt and uncover enough good pipe to fix the leak (after the plumber gave up). This task was accomplished with the help of a friend, Bro-in-law and a concrete saw. Awesome Hubby did a great job and I bought everyone lunch at Taco Bell. Elly had a quiet day to herself as we wrestled with the issues two miles away.

This week was also the start of  a serious search for a second car due to AH's job where he will be traveling for work twice as much as expected. We found a vehicle on the internet at a local dealer and prayed over our attitudes and prior experiences so that we could make good decisions. It also needs to be a car that Elly can get into. We have been borrowing a car to take her to the doctor.  At the dealer, we were blessed with a wonderful young salesman who understood our situation and let us take our time. It may be the only car we look at and the most amazing experience yet for car buying in the history of the universe! If this works, we will go back tonight and pick up the car.

Elly has been very prolific with her yarn and knitting needles lately. She has finished eight baby caps this month that will be taken to Valley Children's Hospital for those little ones with problems. She doesn't have a pattern other than what is in her head. They are all different patterns in soft baby colors. It is so good to see her busy and I know it isn't as easy for her as she says. I have seen her undo the knitting because of a mistake but get right back to it again. For some reason, the yarn never seems to end even though she is "using up what is in the closet" and I haven't purchased any more for her.

Tomorrow, we have more tree trimming to do out in the front yard and I hope to make some meals ahead for this next week. Awesome Hubby will be gone most of the afternoon so I am going to look for a movie partner to relax a bit. I am very grateful for how things are going these days! Do I start planning a 95th Birthday Party for Elly in September? Hmmm... that will definitely start a long conversation with Elly!

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I meant to update this! Yes, the car is truly a gift/blessing, a hybrid, leather heated seats, sunroof, keyless entry and no problems so far, a month later! We will be taking it to the coast to treat a family to some beach time now that we have 2 vehicles and can seat 10!


What a nice thing that Elly is still able to do things like knit caps for the local children's hospital! \r\nHope you have found a car that will work for you. \r\nHope this week was a good one for you!\r\nMaria


Your post reminds that caregiving also means taking care of the house, or two houses, as in your case. Lots to think about, maintain, and keep track of.\r\n\r\nI loved reading about Elly and her knitting and the gifts she gives to others. Beautiful!\r\n\r\nHope the car is running. :)


Thank you Pegi! It's been hard to get some time just to spend here like I used to. Thank you for your prayers and hugs! We sure need them :) I am so glad things are going well for you and hubby right now!

Lillie Fuller

Yay for having a good week. Sure hope the car works out for you. I have to use transportation services because my mom can no longer get in and out of my car. And I say let's plan that party! I gave my mom a surprise birthday party in November, she celebrated 88 and it was her first birthday party ever! Thank you for sharing!

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