Thankful for the Life We Had


Thankful for the Life We Had

I just spent an hour talking to my sister about how her husband is so unkind and uncaring. We talked about how he berates her for everything she does or does not do.

I left her with this parting thought: If you were in my shoes, would you be bitter? My answer is "NO."

I am so thankful that Bill and I shared a wonderful loving life before his accident. I showed him then how thankful I was for how he treated me and provided for me. I feel that this is a good way to repay him for taking such good care of me.

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LL - Bill's accident was tragic but he's lucky to have you now... and you're both lucky that you found each other. It sounds like the two of you have a relationship that most people only hope for.


LL, the love and respect you and Bill shared and have shared is so evident in your care and the way you honor each other.