Thanks for Your Patience


We are back up and all seems to be okay.

I so appreciate your patience these past few days. If it could go wrong, it did! We started experiencing down time two weeks ago and it (obviously) was completely out of control since Monday afternoon. I ended up switching the companies that hosts the site. I ran into glitches transferring the website but finally figured it all out this morning. I just worked out our last glitch (fingers crossed) so all should be okay moving forward.

I appreciate your patience as I sorted through these difficulties. I'm self-taught in managing our technology and have a budget of about $5 so am always trying to figure out the best and least expensive option. My learning curve can sometimes delay the solutions.

Most important, our thoughts remain with @thedogmama, caring for her mom, and @worriedwife (Pegi). Pegi's husband was admitted to the hospital yesterday morning and is in ICU. Both (and all who face difficult days) so appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

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