Thanks to All for an Amazing 36-Hour Christmas Chat


Thanks to All for an Amazing 36-Hour Christmas Chat

For the fifth year, we opened our chat for 36 hours over Christmas to ensure anyone who cares or cared for a family member or friend had a place to receive comfort and support.

I look forward to this chat every year because every year I learn and grow because of the chat. I continue to gain through these chats because of the opportunity to connect and share with all who join us.

Our chat only happens because of our volunteers. I'm so grateful to those who gave during their holiday so that others could receive, including:

  • Shirley (@shirleyriga)

  • Lillie (@lillie)

  • RoaringMouse (@roaringmouse)

  • Lark (@anncgrl)

  • Lilac (@alilac)

  • Amanda (@amandaweb)

RoaringMouse has volunteered every year during our Christmas chats including during the first year when it was really just her and I. Her belief in this idea encouraged me to continue. This year, our chat saw visitors throughout the 36 hours except during the wee morning hours of 4 a.m. ET.

Thanks so much to all our members and visitors who joined us. It was wonderful to see each of you.

What was your experience in our chat? What were your favorite moments? What suggestions do you have? Please share your feedback in our comments section, below.

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RoaringMouse 2.0

As usual...when I come home to my \"Caregiving\" family...I get cheered up. I've done this for quite a few years now...I don't know how many. But I'm always glad I spend my Christmas with you all. So many different topics, ages, circumstances, locations (even worldwide), laughter, recipes, medical discussions and an easy place to \"let down your hair\". I loved that each time I do this I get to meet new people and start new friendships. Denise...I'm so glad you started this...and I'll be here for next year's too! Happy New Year everyone!

Lillie Fuller

I have been a part of the Christmas Chat for about 3 years now. This year, being a former family caregiver, I felt different and felt more in listening mode. It meant so much to me to have a \"family\" to be with. Even when I was alone in the chatroom it felt okay. Thank you all of you for helping me through. You are all a blessing to me and it was a pleasure to be in your company. It's such a wonderful experience sharing the \"real stuff\" with others who walk in our shoes daily! Thank you Denise. I'm looking forward to the next one.


This Christmas chat was one of the most special Holidays I have had in many years. My husband encouraged me to stay and visit. I feel his understanding how important it was to me was the greatest Christmas gift he could give. We don't need money to care and love. I met so many wonderful new friends (I hope I remember all the names)! Thank you and all who helped make it great! Warm hugs!