Thanks to All for an Amazing 36-Hour Christmas Chat


Thanks to All for an Amazing 36-Hour Christmas Chat

For the fifth year, we opened our chat for 36 hours over Christmas to ensure anyone who cares or cared for a family member or friend had a place to receive comfort and support.

I look forward to this chat every year because every year I learn and grow because of the chat. I continue to gain through these chats because of the opportunity to connect and share with all who join us.

Our chat only happens because of our volunteers. I'm so grateful to those who gave during their holiday so that others could receive, including:

  • Shirley (@shirleyriga)

  • Lillie (@lillie)

  • RoaringMouse (@roaringmouse)

  • Lark (@anncgrl)

  • Lilac (@alilac)

  • Amanda (@amandaweb)

RoaringMouse has volunteered every year during our Christmas chats including during the first year when it was really just her and I. Her belief in this idea encouraged me to continue. This year, our chat saw visitors throughout the 36 hours except during the wee morning hours of 4 a.m. ET.

Thanks so much to all our members and visitors who joined us. It was wonderful to see each of you.

What was your experience in our chat? What were your favorite moments? What suggestions do you have? Please share your feedback in our comments section, below.