Thanks to My Very Special Caregiver for a Morning


Thanks to My Very Special Caregiver for a Morning

headphones-820341_640A big shout out and thank you to Denise, who wheeled me through the somewhat icy parking lots and lugged my wheelchair in and out of her trunk several times. Thanks for making that very early morning drive to spread the message about National Family Caregiver Month on our local radio station last week. We then had great breakfast and conversation. The time flew by and I totally enjoyed our outing. Thanks so much for all you do.. And I felt pretty special having you for as caregiver for a morning. Thank you, Thank you, Thank YOU!

P.S. I've graduated from splint to "storm trooper boot" and am now allowed to put some pressure on my heel and gaining some skill on crutches. FYI for those who maybe curious, I had foot surgery with estimated recovery time 12 weeks. I'm at four weeks today. Biggest drag is it's right foot so I need a chauffeur.

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So glad we could spend the morning together, Jean. It was wonderful to sit and catch up. And, thank you soooo much for booking me on the radio!!!!


I could certainly be jealous that you had Denise as your Caregiver! Sounds like a very special day for you both!


<a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@jmkeslin</a>, glad to hear that you are on the road back to health. We'll have to plan an official foot recovery party for the end of January! And by the way, you couldn't ask for a better chauffeur than <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@denise</a>! :)