Thanks to You


Thanks to You

thank-you-515514_640Thanks to you:

1. The health care system continues. There's only 834,769 physicians. You're 66 million strong.

2. Your family member receives the care he or she needs. Without you, well, that's just an awful thought.

3. A friend has a loving shoulder to cry on. You are the best best friend.

4. Another family caregiver feels understood, appreciated, embraced. You are the best resource for another who cares for a family member or friend.

5. Beautiful artwork colors our world. You create beauty through your actions and words every day.

6. Co-workers and neighbors see what family means. You live your values.

7. A fellow family caregiver receives permission to laugh or to cry. Or perhaps both.

8. Another family caregiver can express all that feels too big and too scary to let out. When you share, you make room for others to release what weighs heavy.

9. Our businesses keep going. You show up for work, regardless of what's happening at home.

10. Health care professionals better understand what you and your caree need. You educate and advocate like the best combination of an attorney and a physician.

11. Your caree remains safe and supported.

Thank to you for all you do.

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Huh...I'm still getting used to the user interface here. Haha


Thanks! That pic pretty much sums me up. LOL\r\n\r\nIt is a relief to be here, and I found it because I was telling my wife that with all her support groups online, I didn't know of anywhere that had a support community for care givers. She said I should start one, so I did a search on google for \"care giver support group\" and this was the first link!


I'm at a loss for words. To have found a whole community of people who understand what I'm going through is overwhelming.\r\n\r\nI have to stop reading this site while I'm at work. I find myself choking on tears way too often while I'm here.