That Reminds Me


That Reminds Me

drink-428318_640@jmkeslin's tornado blog reminded me of another tornado story and I cannot imagine what I would have done if it had happened in 2014 when mom was bedridden.

It is June 1st, 2011, we are in the little town of Sturbridge, Mass. My mother has been living with us for about eight months.

At 4:17 p.m. a tornado touches down 37 miles west of us in Springfield. Within 20 minutes the skies darken, the wind rises and I get our parrot, our dog, Mom’s cat and Mom down into the basement.

By 5 p.m. we lose electricity. But the women in our family know how to handle a tornado. We have a cell phone, a radio, two flashlights and more importantly, libations!! As the tornado cuts a path of destruction one mile south of our house, my 91-year-old mother and I sit huddled in a dark basement eating Town House Crackers with cheddar cheese and drinking Dry Manhattans. If we were going down, we were going down in style.

By 5:30 p.m. it is over.

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A few years ago the whole city of San Diego had a black out. My mom and I were about 12 miles from home when it happened, normally a 20 minute drive, but after 2 hours on the road the van was almost out of gas and we still had 7 miles to go. I stopped at a fire station about 5 miles from home, they let us in, shared their dinner of left overs with us, let us plug in my mom's ventilator so it's battery could charge, and found us a few gallons of gas. Those guys were really amazing and good.


I love it! What a way to wait out the storm! \r\n\r\nWe went without power for 5 days one summer after severe storm. MIL was bedridden so it was a real experience learning to change her by candlelight. We also got a workout with the hand crank for the electric hospital bed. And we tried to keep her entertained with a battery operated radio, her Teddy Bear and National Geographic Mags. (She had advanced dementia by then.)


That's a great story and a great memory!