That Was the Week That Was


That Was the Week That Was

raccoon-365366_640Glad I was awake this week at 6 a.m. when the phone rang. A neighbor from Florida called to say the alarm system was going off on our Florida house (we are currently in Ohio), the cops had already been there, and what should be done? Happy I could talk her through getting into the house, bypassing two alarm systems (trying to put any doubts out of my mind about her honesty) and shutting off the offending alarm system. Thankfully my sister who lives in Florida has taken care of it and we never even told my mom.

The next day I heard noises in my back porch I had never heard before. I went outside to check, and know of a hidey-hole my cat found once last summer, under the eaves, and his fatness made the soffet bulge. I confirmed my cat was in the house, so this was a new presence! I pounded on the soffet bulge with a stick and creaking noises came out. I didn't want to shove my face up in the hole, so I turned on the hose full-force and sprayed the jet-stream directly into the hole. What should pop out but a big hairy raccoon face! I almost peed in my pants, dropped the hose, and it went flailing around the back porch like a swami snake in its death spiral. I came right in the house and called Ye Ole Pest Control, and now we have a live raccoon trap (set with cat food no less) on the back porch.

My mom stood guard by the kitchen window on the first day, staring at a rock in the driveway, convinced it was an attacker. That was a good pastime for her. The confusion and tension this has caused has given her some tough moments this week. I'm hoping we will fix it soon!

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Thanks, Pegi! I can't imagine a raccoon in my kitchen. Having it on the back porch is giving me and the cats nervous diarrhea. The trap has been there almost a week and so far nada. Calling Trapper John today.....


Hi Jan--Oh, my. I can only imagine the scene when the raccoon appeared.\r\n\r\nI hope you and yours enjoy a restful day today. Thanks so much for keeping us posted.