The 10%


The 10%

hospital-661274_640When the radiologist stopped my mom's internal bleeding on Wednesday afternoon, he said he was 90% certain he stopped the bleeding permanently.

The 10% showed up fairly quickly. My mom needed more blood on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. She had a nuclear scan on Thursday morning which showed the bleeding continued. She had emergency surgery yesterday afternoon. The surgeon removed 1/3 of her stomach and 2 inches of the duodenum during the 3 1/2 hour surgery. Unfortunately, they surgeon was not completely confident that the surgery was successful, so we have to wait and watch.

So far, she is no longer bleeding and has stabilized.

As you know, I left Wednesday afternoon for a meeting in Washington, D.C. yesterday. I am soooo glad I went to the meeting, which became a terrific discussion about how to help family caregivers. (I'll write more this weekend.) As the meeting ended, I received a text from my sister that my mom had headed into surgery. I was able to change my flight and return home last night.

Before I boarded the flight, my sister sent a text that the surgery was over and my mom was okay.

On the plane ride home, I read The Four Things That Matter Most: A Book About Living by Ira Byock, one of our book club picks from a few years ago. I purchased the eBook so had it on my iPad, which turned out to be a huge blessing. I think I will take some time to put books which bring me comfort on my iPad so I can read them as many times as I need.

Thanks again so much to all of you for checking in and for your prayers. And, thank so much for keeping everything moving along here! I haven't been able to be here as much as usual so I appreciate that you all keep it all together.

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I'm so very sorry to read of your Mom's surgery, Denise. I just don't know what words of comfort i can give you because going through all of this must incredibly challenging on all levels. Please just know that I send cyber hugs to you and your Mom and I hope the operation has put her back onto the path of recovery again. Warmest wishes to you and your dear mother!\r\nColette xoxo


Thank you for sharing the update about your mom's surgery. Thinking of you and wishing a reprieve for you and your folks. My dad was on blood thinners which created some bleeding challenges for him too. Prayers for swift and uncomplicated healing!


Thinking of you and your family, Denise and very much hoping for a swift recovery for your mother. I echo the others in offering to help in any way I can.


Certainly hope your mom's stabilization continues into recovery, and she can be kept comfortable while it happens. Also thinking of your dad through all this and how he must be feeling. I don't know how you focus to read while so much is going on all around you. So glad you were able to change your flight and go home to be with everyone. Take care and know you are all being thought of this morning.


So thankful your Mom did OK with the surgery, and praying this will be all that is needed. I'm glad you had the time on the plane to center and ground yourself, knowing your Mom was being taken care of. I too have my Ipad loaded with podcasts and affirmations that can help me center. comes in handy in the middle of the night too! Love from us, Tom and Mar

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