The Accidental Gardener


The Accidental Gardener

Gardener GardeningIt is very unfortunate that some medications combined with an illness can cause our caree to become delusional and lose track of time.

This morning, my mom, Grace, thought she was up and gardening and hurt her knee. She laughed at me when I told her that she has arthritis. I had to go along with it and I told her the yard looked nice. I think my husband got angry because he spent all  morning mowing the lawn and spraying weeds. The dog got out again while he was sweeping the walk and the mail lady scolded him about the dog. I could see all of those events flashing back in his head. But Mom got the credit for the yard work.

After breakfast I went to Mom's room and my son's sweat pants and my daughter's socks were on her bed. I didn't know what scene we were in but I decided to play along. She claimed they were hers so I just left them there. Maybe they were her gardening clothes? I don't know. I also realized why my daughter had on mis-matched socks as I saw Mom putting the mates to both in her own drawer.

Later, my young adult son came downstairs and asked had I seen his jeans and sweat pants that he had just washed. I think I was more shocked at the fact that he had actually done the laundry on his own.

Mom is taking an early nap now so I am gong to go see if  I can sort out the socks, jeans and sweat pants before she wakes up to prune the roses.

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Love this. I agree with Pegi -- and Kudos to your son for doing the laundry! :D