The Adventure Continues


The Adventure Continues

paperOur friend Phillip remains in the hospital. While that might be appear to be bad news for him it is good news.

When he was in the hospital last year he was supposed to apply for Medicaid which he never did. After discharge, he went to another friend's house whose life and house is very dysfunctional so he was never pushed to do anything. He has this whole time gone without health insurance and other benefits he is eligible for.

During this last hospitalization of 10 days, the social workers have been able to help him do what he needs to do and they have diffidently kept the ball rolling. They have also managed to keep Philip somewhat grounded. Phillip tends to have many balls up in the air and loves to "dream." This often gets in the way of his life and he has neglected doing things he needs to do. So being in the hospital has been a real blessing for him even though for most people it would not be a blessing. With him on Medicaid the chances of him getting to go to rehab are a little better.

The one other issue is that he still has his parents' house even though they have been both gone several years. He will not touch it as his brother lives next to it and he doesn't get along with him. We are in the process of getting that taken care of and hoping to sell it to a flipper.

Enough for now on this adventure called caregiving.

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I have an uncle in a similar situation....he never takes care of himself and doesn't use benefits he's entitled to! He goes from one sibling to another's house, he lives with one or another for years. He's so great and so helpful, a handyman, we all hire him to do things to get him some extra cash. Now finally with the help of me and my cousins he's getting health insurance and taking care of those teeth and hopefully getting knee replacement! So hard helping those \"free spirits\"