The Backyard Intruder


The Backyard Intruder

papapishu_Tools_1The week before last was fairly eventful with the presence of a Backyard Intruder! We have a backyard, or the 'back forty,' which backs up to an empty lot (a park someday) and the freeway. We have always been amazed that we haven't found "anyone" back there by the large shop building or living under the Sequoia trees. It is just plain dirt back there with a very old wire fence with barbed wire across the top.

I have always expected someone uninvited to come in from the backyard. One morning, I was not aware of my phone vibrating at work. It could have been that quirkiness of my iphone to blame but I honestly should have heard it! My son was texting me! My husband and I left earlier than usual that morning for work. Within a minute of our departure, Elly and LivingRoom Son saw someone out in the backyard entering the shop (the door was open). LivingRoom

Son went out and confronted a fairly tall man with tattoos and a blood donor T-shirt on. The man was carrying a short tire iron and a pair of channel lock pliers. So, LivingRoom Son assumed he had taken the tools and told this man four times to Put the Tools Down and Leave! He was more emphatic the fourth time because the man just mumbled about needing some tools and didn't leave until the fourth time.

NurseySister who lives next door was called as well as the police just as the man was leaving. NurseySister stayed with Elly for a while because LivingRoom Son had to run some urgent errands before going to work. I was texted but didn't see it until an hour and a half later. I then told my boss that I was going to be leaving my phone on from now on since I couldn't afford to miss any other important issues. He was very concerned and was fine with my phone being on.

So when I got home at noon, I checked in with Elly. She was pretty nonchalant about the incident but said that the police had been over about two weeks ago to let her know that there was a homeless camp on the other side of the freeway. Oh, great, I thought, she didn't share that with us which could have been helpful to know!

I went out and saw the tools that the man had put down under my son's insistence. They weren't our tools; for sure they belonged to the Tattoo Guy. I had to laugh in spite of the seriousness of the situation. My NurseySister came over and described the man to me and showed me a Chihuahua puppy that appeared early that morning. It looked somewhat abused and neglected. I then remembered hearing a puppy yelping just before we left that morning and knew I had checked the back and front yards, but didn't see anything. I think that the Tattoo Guy dumped his puppy in my sister's breezeway and then hopped the gate on the side of the house so he wouldn't be seen.

Well, the puppy went to the pound, Elly talked about getting a big dog and LivingRoom Son is definitely my hero and can stay on the couch until he gets married! We put a new hasp and lock on the shop door to deter anyone else.

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LRS is tall and slim and can give an intimidating look! I checked with Elly yesterday, she's said no to a dog now :) Ideally, we should get a dog in the late Spring when I am home on \"summer\" break!

Casandra Porter

Wow. That's a lot to deal with and very scary. Glad everything turned out okay for you :)


Kudos to LRS and NS for taking quick action! Glad and relieved that all turned out well. At least Elly was nonchalant and not panicking, even though she could have been more forthcoming with the police info. :-) Kudos to your boss, too.