The Best Sound Ever!


The Best Sound Ever!

board-142741_640I was taught at a very young age to never take things or people for granted.

I still look at the sun rising and the clouds in the sky in the evening. I see all this and think what a wonderful world. Even with all the evil that can surface this place is still beautiful.

Today as I sit here and think how wonderful it is I realize that The Best Sound I hear is the Laughter of my husband. When we live with someone we love with PTSD, anxiety, depression, or any health issues, I think we tend to appreciate the little things just a little more.

Makes my day to hear him have happiness in a sometimes very dark world in him.

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There is nothing like laughter! It's the sound of love. :)


It is \"The Best Sound Ever!\"...Thats so true Tammy. Im glad you shared this....made me think about \"why\" it makes my day\r\n when I hear my hubby chuckle or see him smile.\r\nIts a moment that refreshes, ignights hope....a moment that fills me with a peace that \"all is well\".\r\n(My spouse has Parkinsonism...smiling or laughing dont happen so easily these days).