The Caregiving 15


The Caregiving 15

measure-629659_640Oh, I hope it's only 15.

In the past last 18 months, as my parents and their health declines, my weight experiences an incline. It's on its way up, seemingly overnight.

I want to blame the dry cleaners. The chemicals they use shrink my clothes! It can't be my choices expanding my you-know-what.

I know it's really my stress hormone (cortisol) running rampant through my body and causing me to crave what comforts rather than what nourishes. I could have a banana for a mid-morning snack. But what I want (and often eat) is that bagel with cream cheese.

The weight of caregiving adds to my weight.

The 15 hit me on Thursday when I spent quite a bit of time running around inside my closet trying to find something (anything) which fits. Because my closet is small, I didn't drop any pounds while I ran from hanger to hanger to hanger.

These caregiving 15 (fingers crossed it's only 15) are weighing me down. So, I'm doing my best to lighten up by getting back to my daily walks, doing the 7-minute workout and (hopefully) getting back on my bicycle. I'm doing my best to want those bananas and never buy those bagels.

How about you? Are you experiencing the caregiving 10 or 15? How do you keep your weight in check?

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This is a huge challenge for me too. I gained 30 lbs since starting caregiving over a yr ago. I hit a rough patch and would be up at midnight eating snacks. I am learning to manage things better (i think) but have not been able to get my diet back on track. I have been trying to address this issue because it really brings me down, but i have only been able to loose and gain the same pound! If i could just keep 2 lbs off i think i could get motivated! I justify eating a snack before bedtime so I can sleep (better). Now if possible I eat dinner a little later so the snack will nit be necessary.\r\n\r\nGood luck to all of you! You all are doing so much. Do not be discouraged.


Oh yes! and too many years of caregiving really hit my waste-line. Stress eating and stress itself has been shown to cause some weight gain... at least it seems I saw that on some health special. I finally started getting back in shape, and then with the diagnosis and 3 short months during my best friend's cancer then death, followed up by 3 months off my feet after surgery, I put back on 15 of the 20 I had lost..... grrrrrrrrrrr... it's time to get back on track. Protein is the answer for me, and the carbs I love have to go.


This has been quite a challenge for me. I have always had weight issues, and before caregiving started to get real with Dad's heart surgery in 2008, I was doing terrific. Then the next few years I put back on some weight. I have been able to maintain the past couple of years, which is good, but I am at an unhealthy weight and really need to lose again. I get great structure and support from Weight Watchers, but with all the stress of grief over Dad plus now Mom's decline, I am eating my sadness and stress enough to keep me from making progress. So lately I have been learning about mindfulness meditation to try to regain some resilience.


I try to never eat anything right before bed. I try not to eat when I am in a crappy mood (that's when I tend to overdo it) and, in general, I try to use the same mindful awareness of what I really need and want, which helped me overcome my binge drinking. (Which will also pack on the pounds)

Anthony Zullo

I know what you mean Denise.\r\nMine is ice cream and chocolate do you stop ....well I gave up bread or so I try and I eat a yogurt at night before bed ...I must say it did help a little ....but I do need to exercise ....but who has the energy