The Dominoes of Caregiving: Those Changes

Your caree has a change in condition, which causes a change in your caregiving role, which then seems to change your life.

How do you manage the domino effect of caregiving?

This was the topic of this morning's Table Talk episode on Your Caregiving Journey. Holly, who cares for her husband, Dave, joined us to talk about how she adjusts to their changes because of his diagnosis of Frontotemporal dementia. You can listen to our show via the player below.

I loved our conversation because Holly walked us through the process of her internal changes. When she changed, she learned how to manage the changes. And, most important, when she changed from wishing for a different life to embracing the one she has, she found her peace. She's no longer toppled by the dominoes. Instead, she steadies them.

During our discussion, Holly spoke about the five activities which bring her back into herself, which help her keep a healthy perspective, which allow her to enjoy her life. I'd love to know, in honor of our weekly Happy Saturday: What are the activities that help you breathe in life? How do you make time for them?

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