The Dreaded Different


The Dreaded Different

flowers-260898_640My parents attended the wedding of a friend's daughter on Saturday.

My mom wanted to use her cane rather than her walker at the wedding reception because she didn't want to look different from the other guests.

I wanted her to use her walker so she would safe.

The cane won.

My parents skipped the ceremony so my mom could nap in the afternoon, giving her enough energy, hopefully, to enjoy the reception. My parents arrived at the reception in time for cocktail hour, which involved standing in an area outside the dining room.

My mom can't stand for any length of time so they sat in the dining room, by themselves. The bride's father discovered them and then found them a small table and chairs in the bar area.

That's the kind of situation that just tears at my heartstrings. Their difference often separates them from who and what they love, leaving them alone in an empty room. Thank goodness for another's kindness.

They had fun at the wedding, my dad said. "It was a good night," he said. "People are very considerate of a woman with a cane." My mom, exhausted from the four-hour outing, slept most of yesterday.

Living with what's different feels like biggest hurdle right now.

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