The Final Powerful Tools for Caregivers


The Final Powerful Tools for Caregivers

planting-780736_640Last night was the last night of the Powerful Tools for Caregivers class. We discussed the Family Meeting. Why they are important, what tools we have learned to help facilitate them and what they can accomplish. You can use them for asking for help, discussing living options, financial concerns, etc., not just "when do we need to think about an outside care facility" discussions.

It was brought out that the caree should be included in the conversation, as it can cause anger in them if they are "herded" into a decision they have to live with, but that it can be a slippery slope especially when dementia is involved. It was also noted that if you have a disagreeable family member (and family was described as wider than immediate children), you can ask for the help of a facilitator to keep the discussion on track.

Always make an agenda and let everyone know what will be discussed. It helps keep things on track and focused on the issue you want to have addressed.

Since it was the last meeting, we had some "paperwork time", so the actual class was shorter.

We were asked to do an action plan for a three- to six-month goal and to decide what action you will take on that goal this week. The action plans of deciding on something you want to do, what you will do to achieve that goal this week, when you will do it, how long you will do it, what the likelihood is that you will get it done ( from 1-10) and then evaluating that the following week was a very important tool that everyone hoped to continue doing each week. It makes us focus on OURSELVES and what WE want to accomplish. Whether it is taking in a movie, going out to dinner with friends, or just taking 30 minutes to read a book daily, they are all a necessary part of care giving.

If you are able to attend a Powerful Tools for Caregivers class, I would encourage you to do so, but the book can be purchased without attending a class, as well.

I found it to be very helpful. I signed up at a time that I was at my wit's end on what to do and now find myself on a more even track and taking care of myself much more mindfully.

For those just entering into this journey, hang on, it will be a wild ride, but remember that you have control of the wheel. Educate yourself on how to best navigate the waters. Learn from those who have done it successfully and happily. Always remember, if YOU do not take care of YOU, YOU can't take care of anyone else.

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Once again, thanks for sharing what you have learned. I have to confess that the idea of a Family Meeting intimidates me. We have a couple of \"renegades\" who can always be counted on to provide some drama. The tips you provided are helpful, especially the concept of using an agenda, something I believe <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@denise</a> has used successfully in her family meetings.


Dear Sharon, thank you for sharing about the Powerful Tools for Caregivers class. You have probably given the contact information but I am new to your blog. Please tell me where to find this class.


Thank you for all of the good information, Sharon. I'm glad you found out about the classes before your wits broke. :) I absolutely agree about educating ourselves. I have found that breaking goals into baby steps (so as not to be overwhelmed by one more thing) has been helpful to me.