The Goodness of People


The Goodness of People

I have always said that I believe people are kind and good. Yes, I have met those who defy this statement, but I still feel that 99% of people truly are generous and giving.

I have been so humbled by the help we have received from our community during this broken femur fiasco. We have literally not made a dinner since May 8. People in our community have come by each night with a hot meal for us, many homemade. We have experienced baked Ziti from an Italian neighbor, homemade wonton and pho soup from an oriental neighbor (his mother's recipe) who also served us and sat with us while we ate, homemade shepard's pie, homemade lasagna, meatloaf, casseroles, desserts and so many more wonderful meals. A neighbor who moved over a year ago even brought us a homemade dinner. The outpouring of "community" makes me realize that my "village" is vast and kind.

Each person who brought a meal, carefully and respectfully listened to what FTD is and went away with an understanding and a brochure. Each enriched our lives by coming into our home and spending time to chat and offer help.

We have met so many people in our neighborhood that we have never met before, who opened their hearts to us to help us in this glitch in our lives. Their warmth and true giving spirit has enriched us, our lives are better because each of them gave of themselves.

When we listen to the news of the day, it sounds like we are all enemies and are split in our humanity. I do not believe this to be true. I know nothing of anyone's political leanings who have come to feed us, nor do I care. I do know that I will try my best to repay a quarter of the love we have received.

I urge you to reach out to your community with an open heart and they will grab your hand and help you up when you have fallen. Allow people in your community to show you that caring is alive and well and together we can make each other's lives better. Open your hearts to others and they will open theirs to you. This experience, which some would call horrible (the broken femur and 2 carees with dementia), was the largest blessing of my life. It has truly changed me, and I hope in some small way, we have changed someone else's life by allowing them into our home and hearts.

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Oh Sharon, what a wonderful reassurance in humanity! Yes, it is true, we were made to be in community with others! I am so thankful that you have had such an outpouring and know that your kindnesses have been returned! Praying for healing and comfort!!


Thanks for sharing on this Sharon! Its refreshing to hear your story of a community, your \"village\" caring and helping you out. Amongst all the crazy news we hear everyday, \"caring\" is alive and well! What blessing it is to reach out & give AND what a blessing it is to have an open heart & receive.


What a beautiful post Sharon! Not many caregivers could call a broken femur a \"glitch\" or call it a huge blessing. This post and your life continue to inspire me. It is a gift to call you friend.

Lillie Fuller

Such beautiful acts of human kindness! You are loved! I hope you are feeling better and will be on your feet in no time!