The Guilt Fairy / Anniversaries

Valentines Day Sunrise Love in the Clouds Natu... Valentines Day Sunrise Love in the Clouds Nature Image (Photo credit: Striking Photography by Bo Insogna)

I've read the What If Fairy and all the other blogs and I see so much in common between us that I feel less alone.

I feel guilty so much of the time: for blogging, for taking time for myself, for not going to a group I know is destructive for me, for saying I'm exhausted, for taking time for a chat. The list goes on.

All this compounds my battle with depression and which came first, the depression or caregiving.   Denise had a suggestion to document my day with my parents who are resistive carees (e.g. my dad is yelling at my Mom right now and all I want to do is bolt but this is my home, too.

This week is a week of celebration and of anniversaries.  My ex-husband's birthday is Sunday and I feel conflicted about  feeling celebratory in feeling relief about having closure and not having that conflict in my life right now. I love the chance to blog and feel successful in publishing, hoping that other bloggers are getting something out of this publish (feels good to say 'publish').

I dearly hope everyone has a good day!

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