The Husbands (and Wife) Behind the Women on Stage


The Husbands (and Wife) Behind the Women on Stage

Shirley, who cared for her daughter and Lisa, who cared for her mom, demonstrating the spirt of NCC18.

(At our recently-completed Third Annual National Caregiving Conference, several themes became clear to me. Over the next few days, I'll share those insights with you.)

The women took stage and their spouses showed up to support them.

While Lisa B Capp presented her session, "The New Agents of Change: Super Powers That can Redefine our Role," her husband, Tom, sat proudly in the audience filming her.

When Bobbi Carducci manned her slot during our Author Book Signing, her husband, Mike, stood ready to take payments for sales of her books, Caregiver - You Are Not Alone and Confessions of an Imperfect Caregiver.

When a customer approached Shirley Riga about buying multiple copies of her book, Tools for the Exceptional Parent of a Chronically-Ill Child, her wife, Thea, closed the deal.

Gina Tyckoson, one of our Certified Caregiving Consultants™ and Educators™, traveled to Chicago with her husband, Tim, who became our main volunteer during our General sessions, which were broadcast virtually.

During our last presenter virtual meeting prior to the conference, I mentioned that my volunteers were cancelling on me left and right. The presenter's spouses, including Tom, Thea, Mike and Tim, all raised their hands to help. At the conference, they manned session rooms to ensure all the presenters enjoyed a hiccup-free workshop.

Women are using their caregiving experience to step up, stand out and share their stories as professional, successful entrepreneurs. They truly reflected this year's conference theme -- finding our best during a time that feels like the worst. These woman want the caregiving experience to be a better one for others so they work hard to create and deliver services and products which truly make a difference. It's awesome to see that they're not doing it alone.

On the third and final day of our conference, I chatted with an attendee as I refilled my coffee cup. "How do you do all this?" she asked. "Do you have a family?"

"I don't have children," I answered. "I don't have a husband although I think it would be awesome to have someone with me who really believed in what I do."

And, then a thought occurred to me. "Honestly," I added, "so many spouses stepped up to help this weekend that I guess I actually have several spouses who truly believe."

Gosh, that felt good to know.

(I don't have a spouse but I do have a community that supports! If you're thinking about launching a business to support and serve family caregivers, consider joining our Certified Caregiving Consultant™ training or enrolling in SAGE Giving, our 90-day business development program. Just like a caregiving experience, owning a small business can feel like a lonely experience. When you're with us, you've got a community supporting and celebrating you.)

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