The Importance of the First Annual National Caregiving Conference


The Importance of the First Annual National Caregiving Conference

brown-75178_640The reality of caregiving means you face challenges attending an event like our First Annual National Caregiving Conference that most can't understand.

Ironically, that's why these events are so important.

You alone do the hard work it takes to care for your family member.

We together can do the hard work so that you have the support and help you need to get breaks, which includes getting a break to attend events like ours.

Our conference features the voice of family caregivers because the voices you'll hear during the conference are those of family caregivers. We're not gathering to hear someone else tell us about our experience. We're meeting to share our experiences, solutions and support with each other. Our panelists and presenters currently care for a family member or previously cared for a family member. I'm a family caregiver as is every member of our Steering Committee.

When we gather in one location to share and support and brainstorm, we create an energy that helps each of us and all of us. We can make a difference when one of us becomes a lot of us. When we combine our collective desire to make life better for each family caregiver, we create a movement which cannot be ignored.

Let's create our solutions to better help and support family caregivers. Let's meet and support and make a difference. Let's make it possible for more and more family caregivers to attend next year and the next year and the next year. Let's change the experience of caregiving so you don't sacrifice but instead receive all the help and support you need.

I so want anyone who wants to attend in person to join us. So far, we've given away $4,000 to help 10 family caregivers join us. In addition, we will live stream the event so anyone can watch and experience from their own home.

We're grateful to the companies that sponsor our conference because they really support you. Whenever you can, please support the companies that sponsor and exhibit at our conference.

We can't wait any longer. Let's make support and help for family caregivers happen now.

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