The Incredible Hulk Revisited

animals-24668_640Sometimes analogies work and sometimes they don't. Sometimes it's funny to see how people try to make them work when there really is no relation at all. My comic book fluency is pretty weak, so maybe that's me and the Incredible Hulk.

I made an executive decision and hired an in-home caregiver for my mother. That was a big step in the making. I'm not sure if my reservations came from having a stranger in the house (probably), spending the money (most likely), or seeking my mother's approval and acceptance (that's it for sure). At any rate, it was my birthday yesterday, so I hired someone and took off into the sunset. After the fiasco with her reaction to the daycare situation, this was like cream cheese on a bagel, a match made in heaven.

As I drove away, I felt the physical changes in my body. I cranked up the car's excellent sound system with Billy Joel, "My Man."  Boy, does he speak to me. I felt the incoming rush of air in my lungs, almost could feel the blood coursing in my veins, scabs falling off. I was bigger. I know The Hulk becomes who he becomes because of anger, and that is where this analogy falls apart. But I feel the body conversion, the rush into my limbs, my muscles busting at the seams so they pucker and strain. I am washed over with the joy that "The Real Me" is still there, it's still there, it hasn't died, it's just waiting for the right time to come out.

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