The Insinuators (Part II)

Munchauser is a term derived from Munchausen’s Syndrome; people who inflict sickness or hazard, real or imagined onto others in an attempt to gain attention for their self. Often they manufacture problems so they can appear to be the problem solver. In extreme cases they create dangerous situations so they can appear as heroes.

One of our neighbors wasn’t aware of Mrs. Munchauser’s history and trusted her to watch over her home when she’d go away. Some not so mysterious things started happening. Supposed break-ins and plumbing problems were minor and easily remedied by simply taking back her keys and no longer offering her the trust of her household. It was easy to determine the source of the mysteries with video surveillance, prompted when the neighbor learned about Mrs. Munchhauser’s history.

The problems Mrs. Munchauser created were not so easy for a family to remedy years earlier. They own two homes; one is for the husband and wife, the other is that of their elderly Mother. The mom was always a pretty healthy woman living in a well maintained home until Mrs. Munchauser volunteered to assist her. Then the mother started contracting minor illnesses and things started breaking around her house. Mrs. Munchauser would take care of the issues and let the family know about them later.

One day the husband stopped by to drop off groceries. When he pulled into the driveway he discovered Mrs. Munchauser in the garage behind the washing machine sawing through the water hose. The gig was up but the trouble just began.

Mrs. Munchauser filed a complaint with the Department of Children and Family which initiated a year long investigation. We know it was Mrs. Munchauser because she was so proud of her heroism she told all the neighbors about it. Over the course of the next year the mother’s financial accounts were frozen, her standard of living put in jeopardy, and the umbilical cord between mother and daughter was cut. Eventually the matter was cleared as were the husband and wife. But it was a painful time for the family that they never should have had to endure. I’m proud of all my neighbors during this time; of those that knew what was going on, none doubted the integrity of husband and wife and all supported the family.

Mrs. Munchauser still lives in our neighborhood. Her husband has spent two years believing he’s allergic to sunlight and their little puppy dog requires two insulin injections a day. In recent months we’ve noticed Hubby no longer spends his days covered up from the sunshine and Mrs. Munchauser no longer walks but uses a hooveround.  Knowing her history it’s hard not to infer the causes of the situation.

Had it not been for the documentation of notes, journals and good record keeping of financial and medical records, the witnessing and assistance of a support team, this situation could have had more disastrous results for the family. Just because you’re aware that bad things can happen and you protect your relationships from the Insinuators, it does not make you paranoid.

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