The Jaunt Down Memory Lane


The Jaunt Down Memory Lane

avenue-228300_640Four years ago today was the last time I got to speak with my father. I remember it like it was yesterday. His mind was playing tricks on him, he thought we were back 30 years before, sitting at Westburne where we all worked. He mentioned names I hadn't thought of in decades, telling "secrets" and stories like they were happening right then. He was convinced we were sitting at his desk, right up til about 15 minutes before our visit ended. Those last 15 minutes he was back in the present moment, realizing he was tied down in the wheelchair, osteo bag strapped to his leg. The here and now wasn't pretty from where he sat, that's for sure.

The jaunt down memory lane that he had us on will stay etched in my mind as one of my favorite moments -- he wasn't a widow in those memories, he wasn't sick, and he was happy.

We all have sad memories that can consume us. They hide the beautiful memories of the past and deny the beauty in the present. I have plenty of sad visions that could engulf my mind, but instead I am choosing to remind myself of the happier ones. The unexpected trips down memory lane, those are the ones that I allow in. ❤

My dad passed away three days after this visit. It's hard to believe four years has passed already. I learned a lot during my caregiving years, and now as a Godspeed Caregiver, I am grateful that I remember so vividly the jaunt down memory lane that dad took me on.

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You were certainly blessed with that jaunt down memory lane...It's so hard to know when the end will come and you were there with him in the moment! I am losing my Dad and am sitting with him enjoying the jaunts down memory lane also. So Precious! Thank you for sharing.


Those moments are like time travel, giving you the ability to visit happier times. How intriguing and splendid.


Thank you for the welcome reminder not to let sad memories overwhelm the beautiful ones and what we have today. I really needed to hear that today.