The Joy of Missing Out


The Joy of Missing Out

tricycle-691587_640I just read an article, The Joy of Missing Out, that speaks to our fear of missing out. The article's author encourages us to embrace our choices rather than fret that we're missing something great.

I wrote last week about Sibling and her husband's Facebook posts. While my sister, brother, sister-in-law and niece helped me move my parents, Sibling and her husband delighted in a day-long extravaganza of fun (bike rides, time with friends, dinner along the lake). In August, on the day my mom had a seizure which delayed her hospital discharge, Sibling posted a photo of herself relaxing on the beach. You probably guessed I wasn't relaxing with her on the beach. As I helped my mom adjust to her short-term stay in the nursing home and managed my dad's plastic surgery for his skin cancer, Sibling traveling around Lake Michigan, stopping to enjoy good food, beautiful sites, restful vistas.

When I saw Sibling's photo of her relaxing day on the beach, I had a twinge of regret. I'm really missing out, I couldn't help but think.

Slowly over the past two months, I've come to another thought: I'm glad I'm making the choices I am making. Today, that article helped me realized that I am enjoying the joy of missing out.

At some point, this time will be part of our family's history. My siblings and I will remember what it was like when we took care of our parents. And, we'll remember where Sibling was while we did. And, honestly, I know we'll be so grateful that we missed out. I have a feeling Sibling will regret what she missed out on.

I haven't unfriended or unfollowed Sibling or her husband. I decided that her photos remind that I'm making the right choices for me.

It's easy to take a vacation. It's hard to stay home and do God's work.

How awesome are we.

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A very educational and thought provoking post, Denise :-) Food for thought for sure! Colette xoxo


This has really put things in perspective for me tonight. As I sit and miss my husband and my baby sleeping at home. I love helping but bitterness is something I often fight


I love this, Denise! I'm having one of those days, so it's a good reminder.

Lillie Fuller

This is beautiful! I pray that one day, if HER feelings allow her, that my SIBLING will know the heartache of missing out. Like you I enjoy the joy of missing out!!!


C.S. Lewis wrote about being \"Surprised by Joy\". This is certainly a case where re-framing your current situation is leading to unexpected surprises.

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