The Library's Elder Care Fair


The Library's Elder Care Fair

Library_9.19.15This spring, I noticed an announcement at my local library about a preschool fair. At the event, parents of preschoolers connected with local preschools to gather information to help them chose the right school for their little ones.

We need an elder care fair, I thought.

I approached one of librarians, who also happens to be niece, and pitched the idea. Claire ran with it, contacting local social service organizations and companies like home care agencies and senior housing to exhibit at the fair.

The very first Elder Care Fair took place this past Saturday from 10 a.m. until Noon at our library. The event was a success with about 12 vendors and a steady stream of older adults and family caregivers. The fair was free to both vendors and attendees. I raffled off a Caregiving Survival Kit and shared information about, including our flyer. I'm pictured at my table wearing my "Superpower" t-shirt and orange shoes to coordinate with the colors of (Saturday also happened to be the third Saturday of the month.)

The importance of such a fair hit me as I spoke with a daughter who's just beginning to care for her parents. She's on only child trying to find help and support for both of her parents. She works full-time which means the only time she has to call organizations to find out about help is Saturday. And, of course, none of the organizations are open on Saturdays to help her. At the library's Elder Care Fair, she could connect with organizations that can help, making important connections and receiving immediate answers to her questions.

Feel free to reach out to your local library with the idea of an Elder Care or Caregiving (to be inclusive of any in a caregiving role) Fair. And, if you need any help or any materials to distribute at a caregiving fair, please feel free to reach out to me. You can email me or call me at 773-343-6341.

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That is great! I had a receptionist at Mom's eye doc's office stop and ask me a few questions. I learned she is taking care of her mother. I immediately suggested this site.


Denise, what a cool idea! did you publicize it much.