The Lure


The Lure

gone_fishingMaybe you're not at the fishing hole.

But it can seem like you get baited.

A family member drops the ball -- again -- and you pick up the pieces. Your caree wants what you simply can't give -- your undivided attention 24/7 -- so you go on a guilt trip. And, then the pity party begins and lures you in with promises of ice cream and cookies.

And, that's when you really get baited.

The party pity will tempt you into believing you alone understand how difficult caregiving is, you alone experience gut-wrenching challenges, you alone have a life that simply sucks.

So interesting how a pity party seems to only have room for one. With only room for one, you can't fit us into the equation.

So, take a pass on that pity party bait.

Instead, step out and into the company and support of others who understand. As you step out, bring with you boundaries to protect your time and your needs. Step out with the knowledge that you do enough for others so it's important to do enough for yourself.

Let this perspective lure you into feeling better: You are important. You have gifts and talents the world needs. You deserve to receive what you need.

When you want and when you need, hang up the "Gone Fishing" sign, even for a few minutes. Maybe you go fishing. Maybe you don't.  You're the only one who needs to know.

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couldn't agree more friend, the guilt thing subsides for me when asking myself \"if the shoe was on the other foot..would you receive the same in return? and the answer is no.


Good point to think on:\r\n \"So interesting how a pity party seems to only have room for one. With only room for one, you can’t fit us into the equation.\" Thanks Denise!