The Magnitude of Grace


The Magnitude of Grace

At the close of our chat tonight a gentleman I have learned to respect a great deal used the word "grace"! I have had a crappy day in many ways and so has my husband who is finding getting around more and more difficult. But the chat tonight, with all the anguish and the venting, led straight to the grace in our lives. It takes many forms and it is a gift. A completely free, unmerited gift. Imagine! No one has to earn it. In this site grace seems to pour out of every nook and cranny. So grace comes to me in these ways and they are only a few but I have dirty dishes and tired feet so just a few:

Grace - being accepted by people I have never met who fill a gap in my life no one else can fill.

Grace - being the greeter at our church and it is a small church. Everyone knows me and I know them and we hug and we smile and we mean it.

Grace - gas in my car. food in the pantry. a roof over my head. the strength to get through this day.

Grace - the moments I realize that God loves me beyond measure and I get to share that love.

Grace - knowing that the more I share God's love the more He will pour it out.

Grace - knowing on the days when I cannot feel God or when I wonder if He has taken a long walk that He is one word away...Help!

Grace - enjoying the insanity of having four cats who make me feel like screaming as I dive for a lamp or hear a "something" falling to the floor and finding it later.

Grace - if I will stay right here in this moment and keep my mind on where I am planted and do what is the next right thing to the best of my ability I can anticipate a measure of peace.

Grace - Carolina blue skies, clouds scattered across them, a blue jay screaming into the chilled air of March and knowing I am loved.

Grace - each of you being, through the power of the internet, in my home and in my heart and prayers. You are a blessing beyond measure in my home.

Thank you!

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Beautiful and full of love and you.