The New Normal Lets Family Caregivers Lay the Groundwork for Guilt-Free Work-Life Balance

Article summary provided by Certified Caregiving Consultant, Kathy Koenig. You can learn more about her consulting services at Caregiver Connection.

As a caregiver, have you had to miss a meeting when you couldn't stay late? Or had to explain coming in late because you had to take your family member to a doctor's appointment? Caregivers try to keep their schedules tight and not be an inconvenience to coworkers. Caregiving in the Covid era has created a new balance between work and care. Working from home helps caregivers improve workplace participation while continuing to provide care to a loved one.

The author suggests three strategies to elevate your workplace role:

  1. Become the "go-to" person.

  2. Share your contributions on an agreed upon schedule.

  3. Focus on what you can control.

Demonstrating commitment isn't always about the clocking-in hours but by making relevant contributions.

Author, We Are Sharing the Sun founder, and Certified Caregiving Consultant Sarahbeth Persiani was the primary caregiver for her father while working full-time and caring for her own family. Her current focus is on helping companies create a supportive culture for family caregivers. She also provides education and support for working professionals who find themselves in the sandwich generation.

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