The Other Shoe

You know how you always wait for that other shoe to fall? My other shoe has always been, "What if I go down?" What then?". Well, the shoe fell.

I had the flu shot, but the flu was determined, and it got me. I went down. Like a rock. I could not take care of myself, much less Mom and Rod. Now what?

My son came and forced me to the urgent care center. I was sick, like 102 temp sick. He swooped in, got me the Tamiflu that was ordered, got me back to bed, I went in my PJs, I could not even think of dressing, and bought us food, pedialyte, masks, and hand sanitizer. I literally stayed in bed for three days.

Well, here we are six days from onset and I am happy to say, I am up, and Mom and Rod have not gotten sick. Since incubation is 24 hours, 4 days, I think they are good to go, fingers are crossed.

My wonderful neighbors brought food, went shopping for me, and checked on me. My husband, Rod, took great care of Mom, making sure she ate, and had her meds. He heated up food, and brought it to me, and kept my drink full. My daughter-in-law came and gave Mom her shower. Everyone stepped up and we all made it through my taking a dive.

I have even invented a new fashion statement for flu sufferers, Flu deMasque, what do you think?

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