The Other Shoe Fell HARD!


The Other Shoe Fell HARD!

I have been absent here for three weeks.

Rod and I went away for the weekend on April 21 for our anniversary. He picked a B&B two hours from home. We had a lovely dinner Friday night. Saturday morning we got up and we were going down to breakfast and I broke my femur. I was transported to the local hospital. I have two knee replacements and it broke right above that replacement. The ortho there would not even see me.

They transported me back to Atlanta, by ambulance. I had surgery to repair the break with a rod from knee to hip on Tues Apr 25. My son came and stayed with the twins, bringing them to see me every other day. I got home on Friday, April 28, after two units of blood. Rod left for the AFTD conference on Sunday, May 1. My best friend (who was going with us) took him to the conference and my son stayed with Mom and me for the week. Rod got home yesterday.

The neighbors are supplying meals for us this week. I go back to ortho Friday to see progress. My son and daughter-in-law were life savers. When the caregiver of two goes down it takes an army of replacements to keep things moving. I have been cautioned by the doctor and PT to take it easy and not overdo, so I am doing my best to adhere to the advice.

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Wow! Rest and be a caree for awhile! Take good care of yourself and get better!


Gosh Sharon...I'm sry...You have been missed! \r\n I'm praying you heal quickly and for the support you need to do so.


Wow, Sharon! Thinking of you today and wishing you a speedy recovery and continued support.