The Plot Thickens


The Plot Thickens


For Veterans Day, my daughter and I took Mom to visit my father's grave. Daddy passed away 11 years ago. We had always made the trip to the VA cemetery twice a year but since Mom's stroke, the routine has changed. Lately, Mom doesn't "feel up to going."

This week she said,"If the weather permits, I would like to go." So, yesterday was the first time in over a year that we ventured to the Massachusetts National Veterans Cemetery in Bourne, Mass. (Cape Cod). We usually visit the grave together and then allow each person time alone. For the past two years, the officials have allowed flags on the individual graves on Memorial Day and Veterans Day. This effort was spear-headed by the father of a soldier killed in action in Afghanistan.

The flags add so much character rather than just the autumn leaves blowing across grass. The picture is from a previous visit and does not capture the beauty. The grass even appears greener and thicker for this time of the year. I could barely push the wheelchair over the carpeted terrain. The flags welcomed us by flapping gently in the breeze and I told her I would give her some private time with Dad. When I walked away from my mom, I tried to keep my emotions in check.

This year, when my daughter was at the grave alone, she laid down looking at the sky and had a conversation with Grampy. As we approached my daughter, my mom commented matter-of-factly, "Hey, be careful that is my spot. This is my next home. I will be moving to the Cape." While I carefully thought how to acknowledge my mom's comments, my 84-year old Mom then said, "I won't be ready until I am 105 but this is where I will be." I then thought, "No doubt, Mom, no doubt."

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Thank you for sharing such a tender moment. I love the way your mom lets you into her thoughts in the moment :)


I just love that your bring us with you during such a special moment. The picture really says so much. Simply powerful. \r\n\r\n(And, I LOVE your headline. :) )


Awww....I kinda liked that upside-down picture! Anyway nice posting, thank you.


Great post on many levels. It shows how a whole family can function. ( and I mean \"healthy\" not \"entire\" when I say \"whole\") Thanks for that.

Tracey Martin

Oops. Picture is upside down. No distress.