The Proverbial Straw Carrying Camel


The Proverbial Straw Carrying Camel

eful as I am that Mike's body waited until we were home to develop yet another cellulitis infection, it would be better if it hadn't happened at all. He feels terrible again now that he's back on antibiotics for the third or fourth time this year.

Also, my brother called last night to let me know that our youngest uncle (only five years older than my husband) was in the ICU as he had some sort of infection that was causing his kidneys to malfunction. Just what I needed, more good news. Guess how much sleep I managed last night?

Today was brighter though with Mike's antibiotics kicking in and my uncle being weaned of the respirator. Turns out he had either a bug bite or foliculitis that become infected and then turned septic. I'll know more tonight. The part that scares me the most is that the continuous cellulitis flare ups that Mike gets could lead to that type of infection if he doesn't get on antibiotics right away, although with this continuously happening he is liable to develop a resistance to the antibiotics. I think I need another vacation.

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Chris, my prayers are with you. I know how difficult it is and infections can be ugly. My Smokey has been on antibiotics since October and his final stage of treatment got a wrench thrown in because now he can't swallow pills. A pill was that last part of treatment. I know he has grow an immunity to antibiotics being on them so long, and ssomething is happening that no doctor can seem to figure out, but he hangs in there and so do I. \r\n\r\nI think the biggest thing of us is we realized that things just might not get as good as we hoped, so what time we spend together, even if its the ivs changing times, we make the most of it. We hug a lot, love each a lot. Talk a lot about something good we can look forward too. And the keep on keeping on. For me God is my source to keep me steady. Everyday is new, I pray today will be joyfilled in the midst of the fight. Love being sent your way


(((Big Hugs))), Chris! I hope good recoveries continue for both Mike and your uncle. Am keeping my fingers crossed. Even with a vacation, it's that much more stressful going from zero (or thereabouts) to 60 so fast, and so unexpectedly.