The Revealing Report


The Revealing Report

time-731110_640Well, today I had expected to hear from NurseySis that Dad was going to be referred to hospice. The text I received was somewhat disturbing. Tumors are increasing in size! The abdominal and rectal ones are most disturbing, I suppose. Dad will have a colonoscopy to see if there is anything that a doctor can do to help the diarrhea issues. So, can they really get the scope through with tumors. Or is it a clogged mass? Or maybe they aren't that big but? Well, ahem, so oncology doctor will address hospice care in two weeks. Dad didn't have any issue with that plan so, there it goes!

Dad is in good spirits and is taking everything in stride or maybe ignoring the troubling parts just focusing on possible resolution of diarrhea issue.

I am shopping for incontinence underwear since Depends don't play well with diarrhea. I remembered the resource here on so looked at NorthShore Care Supply products and Tena. I printed out some possibilities and will present these to my Dad. Really?? Ugh, never thought I would be in this position with Dad. I think I will have NurseySis join me for the discussion. Dad's wife wanted plastic overpants, that was her "dream" so of course, I found those on NorthShore site and she got excited. I am wondering if Dad will be as excited?

My dad and mom took in foster babies that were surrendered straight from the hospital. We had a wonderful time caring for them until they were adopted -- within a week or two or up to six months. We had one little guy for eight months! I have a little photo book of pics Dad took of these little ones. We changed a lot of diapers even though I was only 7 at the beginning. I could change, bathe and feed just like a pro! My dad enjoyed the little ones so very much. This is what I was thinking of when Dad's wife asked me about plastic pants -- such memories!

It's good to take just one day at a time. That's all God gives us, each moment, we can handle that with Him alongside.

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I can totally relate. I really dreaded helping dad with his toileting needs, but after a couple of months it isn't embarrassing anymore. I know it was tough for him at first too. He mentioned how he used to change my diapers and how he never thought the roles would ever be reversed. I just keep praying for more and more compassion.


I'm thinking of you, EG, and hoping all is okay. I've had to help my dad with some of these issues and discussions. I think he was just grateful for the help! \r\n\r\nI'm so sorry for the sad news, though. You are right--one day at a time.


I appreciate your strength, courage & wisdom reflected in handling this challenging situation. Thanks for sharing on such a delicate topic most people tend to avoid. Thanks too for the reminder: \" It’s good to take just one day at a time. That’s all God gives us, each moment, we can handle that with Him alongside.\"


Thinking of you today as you find new solutions to manage a mostly unmentionable problem. Bless your heart for the grace you show. It must ease your Dad's mind in a very difficult situation. Thank you for being brave enough to share this.

Jan Larsen-Fendt, RN, BSN

Oh....the things we have to do for our parents that we never, in our wildest dreams, thought we would have to do. I feel for you and your Dad, having to go through this. When my Dad had his stroke, he was in the hospital for about 10 days, then went to a rehab center. On the day of his admittance to the rehab center, he had to urinate really badly when we got there. But, of course, the staff couldn't transfer him until he had been assessed by physical therapy. He was getting really agitated and I was afraid that he was going to try to stand up on his own. He started to try to unzip his pants. I thought, \"Oh we go.\" I saw a urinal in the room and helped him unzip his pants, and then....well, let's just say I helped him use the urinal. Never, ever did I think I would have to do something like that. He didn't seem to even notice me, or care. I think he was just happy to have been able to relieve himself!! :) We never mentioned it again!

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