The Right Move


The Right Move

The newest feature of our present caregiving OUT of the home has been infrequent home visits. Although Dean still takes up a sizable amount of my life, with visits to the care center, phone calls from him at all hours, and doctor appointments where I need to be present, I decided this summer to try to arrange for him to come home for an overnight visit now and then. Medicaid allows fifteen such visits in a year, so I thought we'd give it a try.

We are fortunate that his health condition is still stable enough for these visits, and we've had two successful ones already. I was very nervous about the first one. It wasn't just the insulin shots all day and night and trying to get him to use his oxygen, but whether he'd prove stubborn and not want to return when his time at home was over.

I'm glad to report that it paid off to be brave and give the home visit a try. There were no major crises, and life returned to some normalcy when it was over, for both of us. It did inform me about something that I couldn't have learned any other way: I could not continue taking care of Dean full-time like we did for seventeen years prior. His health needs are beyond my capability of managing now. I'm so grateful we have the option of a good care facility nearby. His current placement there was the right decision. It was right for both of us.

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Thank you for the encouraging post. I love how you ended with the comment about the placement being right for both of you. As I think through the possibility of that day coming for my husband I will remember your comments_mysql and draw strength and courage from them.


Thank you for sharing this part of your story with us, Teresa. It helps all of us when we share a decision that has a positive outcome.