The Saga Continues!


The Saga Continues!

hospital-292568_640Well Mom still isn't doing well after the surgery--she is in excruciating pain, keeps getting weaker and weaker, her color is gone, she is fading a little more each day.

She told me last night she feels like she is dying on the vine.

I took her back to the hospital last week because I was seriously concerned and they did a CT scan--no stone visible!!! So that is really good news, and I can stop straining urine - woohoo! Not that is bothered me in the least, but I am happy nonetheless.

They couldn't figure out what she is in such severe pain and why she is so terribly weak. They sent us home with discharge paperwork for weakness. Mom and I have talked about it and came up with an idea and we are praying her lovely VA doctor will approve. Maybe we can get her admitted to the hospital for the unexplained severe abdominal pain and while they are investigating that, they can also investigate her kidney (she still has fluid buildup even though the stone is gone), investigate her heart (they think she has coronary artery disease but it has never been proven), they can investigate her liver, figure out her infected toe that the doctor doesn't care about and hasn't cared for the past 10 months we have been mentioning it,  they can help get her diabetes under control, and whatever else needs investigating.

Her VA doctor wants to find all of this out but she wants to span it over LOTS of trips to town and appointments which just isn't possible with Mom. We are praying that she will agree this is a wise choice and the best choice to get Mom in for care. I talked to a VA nurse about it and he agreed that it is a wise choice and probably the best for Mom. We will see!

Another thing that is bothering me greatly, our cat, who usually sleeps in like 50 billion different places all day and night, has been clinging to Mom. Slept on her lap all night, is sticking very close to her room. It is odd. She is very intuitive and I am nervous that she knows something I don't. I am keeping a close eye on both of them.

I told Mom if she needs to let go, I understand. She says she isn't going anywhere and she is fighting for each and every breath. Please continue the prayers!

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Thank you for updating us. I'm so sorry you're having such a rough go of it. I hope things improve and that you can arrange a one-stop shopping excursion to the ER to deal with everything at once. I think it was loving of you to give your mother permission to let go if she wants to. Difficult as that may been for you, it means one less thing for her to be worried about at a time of many worries. You and your mother remain in my thoughts.


I can't imagine having to stand by and watch someone you love in so much pain. I hope your mother gets comfort from having your cat close by, and you have a good word from your doctor on a plan of action to include addressing all your issues.


Oh, LH, I wish the days were easier for you and your mom. I also wish a hospital on wheels could pull up to your house and take care of your mom right there in her own bed.\r\n\r\nI so appreciate that you keep us posted. You must be so worried and so tired. I'm thinking of you and your mom and hoping good news is on its way to both of you.

Lillie Fuller

Bless your heart, both of you. I think your idea is great, I do the same thing with my mom if I think she is just run down, I will take her to the E.R. so they can do everything there instead of having to take her to the Dr. then to the lab, then back to the Dr. blah blah blah. It's too much on them to have to do all that especially when they don't feel good. As far as the cat goes, I think she just may be clinging to your mom because she doesn't feel good. Pets are smart! The cat feels your mom just needs the loving right now. I'm keeping you and your mom in my prayers.