The Sick Caregiver


The Sick Caregiver

This month just when I thought I had caregiving all under control for my husband (who has a TBI and dementia), I came down with a cold. Normally, this would just be a small adjustment to my already-busy schedule. But knowing my pulmonary restrictive disease, I am always on the alert for things to get worse before they get better. This time proved no exception.

I really thought I was doing all the right things for myself: took an antihistamine the first night, started expectorants and nebulizer the next day, drank lots of fluids and started resting more. But after two near-911 coughing spells and suffering with a fever for several days, I knew I was on track for the emergency room for fluids, tests, and more medicine. Thank heaven for a caregiver daughter who steps up to the plate at times like this.

When I go through these kind of experiences, though, it reminds me of the importance of my health, in reference to my husband's. What an upheaval it would have meant if they had admitted me to the hospital that day! But we dodged that bullet this time at least.

Now, I know my health is no more important than Dean's. But it does appear to make life more complicated when I get sick. So I have learned to guard my health more. It just makes sense. Even then, there will be times when sickness comes, but we just have to deal with it.

I find that all the pill organizers and reminder tricks that I've learned to use in taking care of Dean work just great for me too. Not taking my medicine on time can really get me in trouble. Here's what my drug "arsenal" looked like this past week. So glad the ordeal is over!

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Teresa, I'm so glad you're on the mend! Being a caregiver has been major motivation to me to take care of my physical and mental health. As a friend of mine put it to me years ago, \"If you go down, you both go down.\" In our case, that really is the bottom line.


Hi Teresa--I'm so glad to hear from you. I was thinking of you over the weekend and hoping that all is okay. \r\n\r\nI'm so glad you feel better. Your good health is an important priority--and you deserve good health. You deserve to feel the best you can. \r\n\r\n:)