The Simple Things


The Simple Things



"The simple things/ That come without a price/ The simple things like happiness, joy and love in my life/ I've seen it all from so many sides/ And I hope you would agree/ That the best things in life/ Are the simple things" - Joe Cocker: "The Simple Things"

I got thinking today about the simple things that can mean the most in a rotten day: a smile, a hug, a touch. Then I got thinking about how sometimes the simplest of words can mean more than a full-blown speech. How do you feel when you hear or say the following?

- Thank you.

- I love you.

- I miss you.

- How are you?

When was the last time you said these words to yourself? I've had this week to myself, literally, and realized I don't say these words to myself anymore. I forget to thank myself for what I do, I forget to love myself, I miss myself and most times I don't know how I'm doing, but I know I'm getting by. I forget the simple things and focus on the complicated and then wonder why I'm tired and crabby. This week has allowed me to remind myself of the simple things.

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Hi Chris--I love this--it's all about be as kind to ourselves as we are to others. I think we all have a tendency to beat ourselves up--which does lead us to be soooo crabby. We're imperfect, which means we will make mistakes. Our ability to move through and move on is a great way to cope with the mistakes. And, it all goes back to what you write--the simple things. :)


Wow Chris . . . this is good . . to say to yourself. xxooxoo! IL