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struggling-with-stress_364x200_98059549They say journaling helps with stress, so I'm counting on that with this post today. Evidently my stress must be at high tide, judging by my impatience and anger levels lately.

I'm embarrassed by MY behavior these days, not Dean's! What a switch. But it helps me empathize with his outbursts more. I know what they feel like.

And I'm forced to "take five" and evaluate what's going on in my life to make me so on edge. Well, for one thing, it's at the end of the month. Money is not only tight, but after the last bill is automatically withdrawn, it is non-existent. Another spending freeze is in effect. I'm about out of laundry soap, my car is way overdue for an oil change, there are just several items that are teetering in the "wait" position on my agenda.

On the plus side though, my nephew and son-in-law are going to change the oil, and my nephew even poured some of his detergent into my bottle when he was using the washer last week. My daughter just happened to give me a pair of jeans that didn't fit her, which I was needing badly and couldn't have fit me better if I'd gone shopping for them.

So counting my blessings helps to counteract the financial stress. But then there's stress about Dean's behavior getting worse and having to change his medicines once again. Not looking forward to that, it's such an unknown area. How will he react to the medicines we try?

Identifying and writing down the sources of my anger does seem to help. But I'm going to have to watch for other ways to lower my stress. Maybe I'll take a walk today--by myself. Be a little more careful of sweet foods. And even do a little more praying--sounds likely to happen if I get to take that quiet walk.

I just hope that other caregivers can recognize where their anger comes from, know that it's likely the stress we're dealing with, and that there are ways to hold it at bay. I feel better just sharing a bit of my journey here. Thanks for listening, guys!

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Hi Teresa--I totally understand the impact of a lack of money. It's a stress that affects everything simply because so many of our decisions are affected by how much money we have. A trip to the gas station suddenly becomes a stressful errand because there's a worry about how much to spend on gas. When we don't have enough, it is simply horrible. \r\n\r\nI hope the walk and the prayer help as well as writing it out to us. I also wish you enough and that enough arrives on time each and every month. :)