The Tear


The Tear

water-drop-275938_640So many tears during caregiving.

My dad sheds tears over his diagnosis and about my mom's setbacks.

My mom cries over how much she's lost and how much she has to do to get it back.

The pressure to do what's right tears apart the family, causing a stress fracture.

I want to cry every time my dad bumps his arm and endures another skin tear.

Although I haven't cried, I feel empty of tears as if I've sobbed for hours.

When we're so busy trying to resolve, do we tear up inside so we don't slip on our puddle of tears?

I'm on a tear, looking for the peace and comfort we all need.

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Your imagery touched me. I'm sure most of us are trying not to \"slip on our puddle of tears.


It is just so hard to witness your loved ones in pain and tears. Thinking of you and your family.


thinking of you and your family today.