The Ups and Downs of Love


The Ups and Downs of Love

1st November 1974: Mr Francis Gainsbury (aged 68) and his wife (aged 74) outside outside Barking Registry Office after their second marriage ceremony together. They were married for the first time 28 years ago. (Photo by Ron Henbury/Evening Standard/Getty Images)

All days are not equal

Over the course of all relationships, you encounter blissful seasons and tough slogs as well.

My wife and I will celebrate 23 years of marriage soon. Fortunately, we have experienced early years of freedom and delight, and many years of inspiring, encouraging, and helping thousands of people. We have also learned a lot about things we didn't want to know anything about during 14 years of Kathy's struggle with dermatomyositis. We have thoroughly enjoyed our children at every age and created hundreds of priceless adventures and dates.

Sometimes she has carried the load in our relationship and sometimes I have carried it. (But mostly she has carried it.) We have not been happy every day, but we have been most days. And, over 23 years we have experienced the ups and downs of love.

And so have you.

No relationship is static, but rather dynamic, always changing. We seek to understand each other. Sometimes this comes in the form of genuine inquiry into the soul of our friend, and sometimes it arrives in the form of outrage like "What in the world were you thinking!?!"

As the father in Norman Maclean's fly fishing classic, A River Runs Through It, states so well, "We can love completely without complete understanding."

In the ups and downs of love, perhaps this quote shines a guiding light on our efforts in relationships with spouses, children, siblings, parents, and friends.

All days are not equal, but love abides.

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