The Waiting Game


The Waiting Game

okay. I'd gotten the okay from the surgeons beforehand because they knew it'd be a difficult case and a LONG wait.

I was more nervous getting to the surgery but now that it's happening, I am okay. Stressed because I am tired, plagued with a random toothache that decided I didn't have enough to deal with today, and cold. I have my sweater and my blankie and I'm still cold... The wonders of being in a hospital.

My wait buddies have been super awesome, very helpful and good reminders to take care of myself while I wait.

I can guarantee when I see my hotel bed there won't be a problem zonking out for the rest of the night. I also got the news that there will be a nurse at his bedside 24 hours a day, at all times, so if I wake up randomly at 2 a.m. I can check on him. That's wonderful and an ease on my mind.

Having others wait with me for a change has proved very helpful to my normal anxiety-ridden waits.

I just cannot wait to see the doctor and hear an update on what's going on and how he's doing. I promised myself I'd only check on him once if I didn't hear anything because I am more concerned that they do it right and efficiently the first time than to feel rushed by an impatient family member.

Still praying for the best!

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Hurray for you and Marc! So glad to hear the surgery went well. Maybe you got some good sleep today too so you can celebrate together :)


Casandra, I am absolutely thrilled to learn that Marc's surgery went well! I hope that his recovery is swift and complete. I'm sure it's a great relief to know that there's a nurse by his side 24/7.

Casandra Porter

No worries, Bob. Surgery went great and I am at the hotel trying to calm down so I can sleep :) Thanks! I love our blog when I get to update it. I have our conversations in my phone, on napkins, scrap paper... I just have to get them on the site LOL\r\nI help the artist basically by telling them what to do. Usually within the first three months they have a boost to their social media following. I mean, it's really just hyped up marketing geared toward internet/social media craze. \r\nI can definitely try to help you. I'll send you a private message with my email. We can chat more about it there :)


Casandra: Praying for everything to go well for both Mark and you. I love your blog \"Running with Sharp Objects\" You both are an inspiration to me. BTW, if it is okay to ask, how do you help independent artists and writers gain following through Social Media outlets? I'm more of an amateur writer. I especially like to write poetry, free verse, and the like. I like to do prose blogs also. If this question is inappropriate for the site etc., let me know. I blog here when I get a chance under Caring for Spouses and have written poetry and \"photo-poetry in the Creative Caregiver's group (hope I have the name of that group right--it has been a while. With all you are going through right now, please do not feel you need to respond to my inquiry. Best to both of you.