The Waste Is Wrong


The Waste Is Wrong


After last night's blog post (Read It's Not the Grocery Shopping, It's the Heartache), I headed into our evening chat on Our members, who are so kind, asked if I felt better after getting that out.

Which led me to another vent.

It's a waste that company after company after company spends money to create the same app we won't use (task and team coordination). We've proven we won't use it because company after company has gone belly up because very few use their app. When the company goes belly-up, they'll sit on these excuses as to why they failed:

  • Family caregivers (individuals who care for a family member) don't self-identify
  • It's just too hard to reach family caregivers

Their excuses land on others who may be interested in helping family caregivers. Perhaps an individual who holds a wonderful solution for family caregivers will rethink bringing that solution to market because of the thought, "Oh, gosh, I'd better not. Family caregivers don't self-identify and they can't be reached."

Understanding that family caregivers don't call themselves family caregivers is our marketing challenge. I've written this over and over during the years. When we know family caregivers don't self-identify, we know not to use the word "caregiver" in our marketing materials. That's it.

And yet company after company uses "caregiver" in their marketing material and on their websites. They put that message forward ("family caregivers don't self-identify") while making that basic marketing mistake. If your customers don't relate to a certain word, then don't use that word.

Family caregivers are everywhere. Take the time to interact with a group of people and you'll find family caregivers within that group. I launched in 1996 without a marketing budget and in the corner of a bedroom in my parents' home. I reached family caregivers immediately upon launching. Speak to the experience. Family caregivers will come.

Launching products and services that do not help us wastes time and money which is particularly maddening because the customer base (family caregivers) desperately needs time and money. Honestly, at some point, we'll reach sinful. It's sinful to create what's proven to not be needed when so many family caregivers struggle.

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Yep....part 2...We do self-identify. We do organize. We do multi-task. We do reach out and we are reachable. We just need appropriate support and not be considered a market-ready consumer that is not even considered in the equation of what is helpful. Thanks for sharing your vent.