The Weight of the Matter


The Weight of the Matter

Circa 2002

Pictures tell a thousand words. Ten years ago, I weighed in at 285 lbs. When this picture was taken in January of 2002, I took a very close look in the mirror as I did not recognize the person in this photo. It was time to do some personal assessment.  Everything had become an effort. I did not like what I saw and set out to change the person in the photo.

Circa 2004

Fast forward to 2004, I weighed in at 185 lbs. How did I do it? My motto was simple: ”Eat Less and Move More!” My exercise consisted of rollerblading, bike riding, walking but most importantly, I incorporated a positive attitude into my daily schedule. After years of inactivity, I found my stride. I enjoyed being outside and was diligent in scheduling exercise into my daily calendar. Exercise was an important part of my life

Through my experience of taking care of Father Orlando and after his passing in January of 2006, I was able to keep the  weight off and be as active as my  schedule allowed me to be.

I can see the weight starting to creep up in 2007.

Circa 2005

After Father Orlando passed away in 2006, I made the leap of faith, sold the condo in Fort Lauderdale, and decide to return home to St. Louis in 2008 to be closer to family and friends. The return to St. Louis was filled with excitement, challenges, new adventures, and disappointment. ‘The Little One’ joined me in St. Louis, which was one of the best decisions that I made during this time span.

Yet somewhere along the line, I lost track of myself and the weight started to pile  back on!

In August of 2011, ‘The Little One’ was diagnosed with Esophagus cancer and I found myself in the role of caregiver once again. I first recognized my severe weight gain in late 2011 when I weighed in at 252 lbs. I was horrified! I let myself go and there was no one to blame other than me. While I was able to take off some of the weight early 2012, another transition happened: We returned to Florida to be closer to ‘The Little One's' health care providers. Another move, another transition, another new adventure...STARTING OVER AGAIN

Circa 2012

Circa 2012

Caregiving stress comes in so many different forms: emotional, physical, financial.  Weight Loss is such a personal thing; there are so many components to healthy living and weight loss--none more important than friendship, support and a healthy mindset! 

That is why I am excited about being involved in FitPASS with

FitPASS, a monthly membership program for family caregivers to find their fitness:

  • Weekly phone calls with a facilitator to discuss goals, receive feedback, feel support, get encouragement

  • Monthly members-only blogtalkradio show with a health, fitness, finance or nutrition expert.

  • Private online support group on to connect with other members to post goals, celebrate success, stay focused.

  • Monthly chats on Twitter.

  • Weekly private chats for members on

We have to be good caregivers of ourselves in order to be good caregivers of each other!

FitPASS is going to provide me with the support I need in order to get back to my ideal weight of 185 lbs.

Our FitPASS program will be starting September 10th! 

 For further information on FitPASS , visit

‘The Little One’ and I have both realize that we made some poor decisions over the past four years. I learned the difficult lesson that you really can’t go home. Yet through our cancer treatments, we have learned this valuable lesson:

Home is wherever we are together.

You see...

We might have cancer, but cancer does not have us!