The What If Fairy

fairyMike leaves in two days to go camping where his parents are gold mining for the summer. He will be about 600 miles away for a week and I am terrified.

My mind keeps thinking things over repeatedly... Worst case scenario: What if he gets sick while he's gone? What if he loses feeling in his legs again? What if he ends up in the ER again? What if he gets a splinter and he can't get it out and it gets infected and then turns septic? WHAT IF?!? K, that last one is a bit of stretch, but I am worried. When I get thinking like this I blame the what if fairy. The what if fairy is pessimistic, depressing, and a complete party pooper.

It's not like Mike is going to an abandoned island with no supports. He is going to see his parents who are fully aware of what to do if something should happen. They are people who care about him and support him in every way that they can. We both need this break before we go crazy. Mike needs some independence from me and I need some version of respite from the last few months where I don't even have to worry about what to cook for supper. (Hello Ben and Jerry's!)

So on Sunday I will get up with Mike and help double check that he has what he needs to survive the week and kiss him good bye and hopefully I can hang out with that damn what if fairy and think, 'What if nothing happens and everything is fine?'

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