The Whirliegig


The Whirliegig

(Editor's Note: This evening we welcome a new blogger, PearLady, who cares for her mom. You can connect with you on her profile: @pearlady.)

Spinning top, bought in Prague Spinning top, bought in Prague (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spinning, spinning,
out of control
Which way is up?
I don't seem to know.
I press on, day by day
But, where is the progress?

It's another day.
Congrats -- it's another chance!
To do what? There's this and that
Always something calling, but
the rain is falling again.
Mud obscures my vision,
making me forget again.
What did i want to do?

Pick a direction, already.
No, I don't care which way,
But, it has to be better than
staying in the muck.
That reminds me, I've to
wash clothes again.
Goodbye, reverie.
Perhaps, I'll explore another day.

(c) 2014 By: ThePearLady

I'm not sure why, but that poem just came out of my head. I've not written any poetry in a while (perhaps, a good thing? hush, critics). It's one way I can chronicle my life journey, and all involved. Admittedly, looking back, this particular poem looks a bit dark, but honest with a touch of whimsy, I think. Some days, life feels so out of control, especially when your caree and you are at odds, or nothing seems to be going "the way it should". Doing the necessary sometimes gets one back on track (as in the line about doing the laundry). Sometimes, it does take more...exercise can help the motivation, as can a friend or another loved one, if one is fortunate to have. I wonder what the librarians who used to call me their in-house poet would think of my above thoughts? I think I may need a drink. LOL

What do you think?

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That was a great poem. I felt exactly like that today. I care for my om too.\r\nToday was not a good day. Your poem made me feel like I am not alone.\r\n\r\nAngie


I am soooo glad you are blogging! It's wonderful to have you with us. I'm so grateful for all you share with us. We are lucky to be recipients of your gifts. :)